About Us

About Us

Assorose, Roseto' s Trade Association

Assorose is the Traders, Craftsmen and Firms Association of Roseto degli Abruzzi. Our partners work in many fields like Fashion, tourism, and other several services. It sees the light in 2009, thanks to historical Trade figures of the town, which dreamed to put together all the associated activities in order to keep alive and central the role of Roseto’s Business in Vomano Valley.

In 2013, following a great work of awareness and perseverance, Assorose started to take shape and body, with many partners joining it.

Conscious to be a young reality but full of enthusiasm, the association came out with new initiatives and activities to improve the Trade in the town. One of the first project was a programme to help the economical and touristic revival

showed to the Candidates for Mayor in 2016. Among those, the most important probably, was the Touristic Round Table, of which Assorose is part.

Afterwards Assorose promoted several successfull events, specially during Summer and Christmas Time, like Notte dei Saldi (SALES NIGHT), Notte sotto le Stelle (NIGHT UNDER STARS), Vinarello, Color Vibe, Filodiffusione and many others.

Today more then ever Assorose offer itself as main guide for the commercial field of the town, supporting the partners through:

Using What’s app we share communications about events, guidelines, regulations and all general matters.

For Example with Banks and Insurance Companies.

Promotion of events and initiatives in order to get back people in the town, reducing online shopping and Malls competition.

direct link with Public Administrations

main tool to communicate events to the customers and promote public initiatives 

Pushing autorithies to monitor on illegal activities

Riproduci video

Together we grow up.

An associtaion with a target in mind: increase Trade in Roseto degli Abruzzi through its products, peculiarities and qualities promotions. Let’s join us in Assorose.

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